Oxford, what more can I say!?

One of the main reasons I am hell-bent on making blogging a habit, instead of something I only get around to doing once or twice a year is photography. Just before taking this Oxford trip, I bought my very first DSLR which is a Nikon d5100, which is why this trip was so well documented. […]

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The oxymoron that is Libyan Education

Recently I received the news that I have successfully completed my sixth semester at Tripoli University’s department of Linguistics, which should be fantastic, I should probably be ecstatic as this puts me a year away from graduation. Except I am not! Such news ought  be accompanied with a small sense of achievement, some sort of […]

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Ramadan rants

My friends love to remind me of how ranty I get when the subject of women or feminism come up, however it is hardly my fault when there are so many triggers present around me. The truth is that the way women are viewed frustrates me, just a while back a friend sent me a […]

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Creative writing in Libya

I have been teaching English for a while now, and I can obviously see  the high demand for private course and tutoring in this particular subject. However, what I never saw was any interest in Writing, or even scarcer, Creative writing. It seems like we all want to learn English and  become fluent in speaking […]

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“Why did you come back?”

“Why on earth did you come back? ”  A question any Libyan who has spent a considerable amount of time outside Libya will get asked upon returning. Besides actual legal restraints such as visas, residencies, and finances, there is a reason why people return here.   Now living in Libya for a life time or […]

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My Achilles Heel!

Blogging has so far been an area where I have failed miserably! I attempted to start blogging about three times and completely gave up on it twice! This is my third time trying and I am keeping my fingers crossed.  The name of the blog is simple, journaliyaat! Journal, an English word and “yaat” an […]

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