On becoming a hermit and coping mechanisms…


It has been a very long time, and I must be excused for life has been overwhelming, so much so that I it has been two months since I finished reading any book. Books are easy enough to start reading, but its the commitment and dedication to finish that is hard to come by. Lately I have started reading  Dosteyovsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, Jean Jaqcques Rousseau’s Confessions, Simone De Bouvoir’s Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter, and a new sort of book called Quite, by Susan Cain on introverts, something I can easily be suspected of.

This is probably the first time in my life where I don’t feel compelled to finish a book, but its not just books, I have generally adopted a Screw it  kind of attitude towards everything and regardless of what anyone says, that sort of attitude is anything but healthy. It is easy to put all of this on Libya, I mean it is a tough situation, because really thats what Libya is right now to most of us just starting out with our lives, a tough situation of instability, violence, and decline which has made getting by hard, let alone flourishing in anyway.

In the past I have always had something that would shield me from all of this, work, people, projects, books,music,  and most of all; coffee, and these things would temporarily blind me from all that we are in until the next time, kind of like an antibiotic, but like I have mentioned, nothing works lately.

Perhaps that is due to  the fact that antibiotics aren’t supposed to be used for that long of a period, or because the exposure to all the of negative embodiments is finally overwhelming all my senses. Just a commute to work is enough to make me call in for a sick day (I don’t though) ; Lakes  in rainy days, crowds of people waiting in front of banks, Lines for gas-filling stations, lines for petrol stations, people begging near speed bumps and outside bakeries; all impossible to escape.

That is of course besides the alarming stories that are coming into attention lately, just today I read a story on the EL-BIRO site about an underage female prisoner in Tripoli talking about the city in a way I can’t even imagine, we know horrible things happen here, but detail-wise we are happily ignorant for the most part which is honestly a privilege I’m not looking to give up anytime soon.

Despite me hermit-ifying myself into a work and bingewatching routine, Tripoli has been everything but quite. Art Galleries, Events, and even a recent comic con have taken place in the past two months, and it is those things and those people that really do, very cliche-dly, give me hope in it all, they are people who are continuously pushing themselves and others to reaching their potential even when its hindered by the very people its aimed to improve.

One positive thing I can leave you with is that Nothing Ever Lasts Forever, it all has to come to an end, and whether by force or good old human nature, so will what we are going through, but until then I need to find what it is that can keep me moving and perhaps transform all the negativity I see into a fuelling agent so that instead of slowing me down, it does the opposite.

We all experience this but I’d love to hear it in your own words and know what is it that keeps you moving.  Just comment below



  1. Yes it has, it feels good to write again, I am coming back with a new post soon.
    Lets all pray things improve, for the sake of our and the next generation.
    You too 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by


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