Being proud of your work is not easy, especially in a place like Libya where many work in pursuit of financial stability in a time where everything and anything is all but stable. Which is why I am more than ecstatic to present The Saturday Show in its online form.

With teaching, I was motivated, I was even dedicated but I was certain it wasn’t what I wanted to do for a life time which is why it took me a few months before completely giving it up and focusing on the other aspects of my life that have been terribly ignored.

One was the blog, the other was something that would help me creatively grow, as university daren’t  challenge any of it’s students creatively, and my at-the-time didn’t have the endless bounds creativity I craved, I looked elsewhere. The radio was automatically my next attempt, I had been hosting a show at Radio Alsa3a for a while before yet I wasn’t going 100% in it for many reasons.

Lately however I embarked on a new endeavor, hosting The Saturday Show with a dearest friend Taz. Now the show is a summary of everything we love to talk and find out about including the twice a month interviews with accomplished figures from right here in Tripoli, actual examples of success that undergo all the crippling circumstances that we associate with living here.

Click here to listen to our 1st episode:

The revival episode of The Saturday Show with Sawsan Werfelli, Amideast’s representative in Libya


One thought on “Is it “love what you do” or “do what you love”?

  1. There isn’t a one size fit all answer for that question I’m afraid, but I am glad you are on your way to finding yours.
    Good luck with everything and looking forward to more episodes being uploaded 🙂


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