I personally welcome anything that help break the monotonous daily routine of University, work, and home be it a clean up, a debate, or a gallery. Even though I have never been to  gallery in Tripoli, somehow I have managed to skip each one to take place until yesterday, where I and a fellow photographer excused ourselves of our late lectures (I doubt university professors read my blog anyhow) and went over to Daar Hasan Alfgeeh which is placed next to Marcus Aurelius arch, just about the most iconic location in Tripoli.


Besides its location, Daar Hsan Alfgeeh was the first french consulate in Tripoli and remained so until WW2 where the building was sold to one of the locals and was later used as accommodation for sailors, however in 2001 it was renovated and reinstated as an Art Gallery and renamed Daar Alhsan Fgeeh Hsan for arts.


The actual gallery showcases the work of different Libyan visual artists, some graphics, painting, Photography, and Calligraphy.




The artists:

Rawan Almontser, Rawia Alkikkly, Taqwa Barnosa (Calligraphy), Alla Budabbous (Graphic art) ,  Basma Alzoubi, Mohammed Algadi, Ali Abulqasem (Origami) , Nada Harib (Photography), Salem Bahroun. , Mohammed Ellafi (Graffiti).




I hope enjoy the photos, leave a comment below and don’t forget Sharing is Caring 😉 !




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