Ever meet someone who had a silly obsession and wouldn’t stop talking about it? Well that’s me and tea.  Since I was 16 I was quite the tea fanatic, even while being in a simultaneously loving relationship with coffee, I do want to have it all.


But still once I heard about the new tea room At Home opening up in Tripoli, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I spent a sinful amount of cash there and after what felt like ages of routine days of work and home and work and home, I finally did and it was worth it.










Let me get straight into it, the decoration is simply superb, it has this Knick knack vibe that fluctuates between feeling like Kensington Palace and your grandma’s antique filled home. With portraits, paintings, and vintage bits and bobs around every corner, it really is an eyeful and does take a while to absorb in but once you do that, you settle in their comfortable sofas and can’t help but feel at home.









The menu was quite extensive and this is where you thank the service because taking 15 minutes to decide what to order really is a crime, but the employees were lovely and simply welcoming. In the end I ended up having a red velvet cake which was amazing as you can see.


And then came the pancakes, which I would like to thank At Home for,  I had seen a picture of pancakes with figs and when I asked about them, I was told that they used whatever fruits were in season and that the pancakes came with apricots and grapes, and this is one of those rare cases where I never finished my food because  the portion size was great and I had already had cake, but I still couldn’t help having chocolate straight from the pot.













Another reason to stop by the place is also because Amira Made, one of my favorite Libyan Blogger/Photographer is offering portraits for At Home customers at a great price!


Thanks again to At Home and the owners for bringing a new concept into the Libyan business scene and introducing everyone to the beauty that is Afternoon Tea, which I can’t wait to try for myself soon…

Sara Bilghasim


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