My Achilles Heel!

Blogging has so far been an area where I have failed miserably! I attempted to start blogging about three times and completely gave up on it twice! This is my third time trying and I am keeping my fingers crossed.  The name of the blog is simple, journaliyaat! Journal, an English word and “yaat” an Arabic suffix added to regular nouns to transform them into the plural of the noun. The “Y” is  a gift.

Journaliyaat’s contents will vary according to my moods, interests, and daily life, so don’t say you haven’t been warned! I also plan to share some photography on this blog as I feel that the only way to get half decent at it is to post it and see what people think so far!

I hope that in the coming weeks, my writing will be encourage you to comment any feedback which will in turn inspire me to improve and continue on this Achilles heel of a hobby!



The Tripolitanian Library, The old city.


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