You definitely weren’t anyone’s favourite year, in fact people have been comparing you to 2016 as if we even still remember what that year was like. Personally, you were a year of huge growth for me, and I’m not talking physically (Although getting a gym membership was a big thing for me) but also mentally, … Continue reading 2018,


Why Kiki’s Delivery Service is the kind of movie the world needs.

Before Disney realized that the world needed female leads who had more than one-dimensional personalities, Ghibli studio was already serving us with incredibly thought-out female  characters. Characters like Chihiro in Spirited away, Sophie in Howl’s Moving Castle, and even Shizuku from Whisper of The Heart. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Ghibli Studio is … Continue reading Why Kiki’s Delivery Service is the kind of movie the world needs.

The Old City

Anyone living in Libya knows how difficult it is for a girl to walk around anywhere at any point of the day comfortably, The Old City though is the one exception, pick the right time in a day and you can walk around the Old City with your camera  un-bothered for a few hours.   … Continue reading The Old City

Inthaar // Warning

Walking into Waraq Art space is an experience within itself, let alone walking into it during an exhibit. Waraq, located near the heart of Tripoli by BenAshour, is an underground sort of headquarters for artists and art-appreciators where countless art workshops have taken place, and recently a Van Gogh day on the anniversary of the artist. … Continue reading Inthaar // Warning