The Old City

Anyone living in Libya knows how difficult it is for a girl to walk around anywhere at any point of the day comfortably, The Old City though is the one exception, pick the right time in a day and you can walk around the Old City with your camera  un-bothered for a few hours.   […]

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Inthaar // Warning

Walking into Waraq Art space is an experience within itself, let alone walking into it during an exhibit. Waraq, located near the heart of Tripoli by BenAshour, is an underground sort of headquarters for artists and art-appreciators where countless art workshops have taken place, and recently a Van Gogh day on the anniversary of the artist. […]

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AURA, The art exhibit.

  I personally welcome anything that help break the monotonous daily routine of University, work, and home be it a clean up, a debate, or a gallery. Even though I have never been to  gallery in Tripoli, somehow I have managed to skip each one to take place until yesterday, where I and a fellow […]

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Libya’s first ever Comic Con

September turned out to be quite a month, yours truly here became 21, and for the first time I had no desire what so ever to celebrate the stepping stone. Since lately I have stopped looking at birthdays as a cause of celebration and more of a time of reflection , however that didn’t stop […]

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At Home…

Ever meet someone who had a silly obsession and wouldn’t stop talking about it? Well that’s me and tea.  Since I was 16 I was quite the tea fanatic, even while being in a simultaneously loving relationship with coffee, I do want to have it all. But still once I heard about the new tea […]

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