Inthaar // Warning

Walking into Waraq Art space is an experience within itself, let alone walking into it during an exhibit. Waraq, located near the heart of Tripoli by BenAshour, is an underground sort of headquarters for artists and art-appreciators where countless art workshops have taken place, and recently a Van Gogh day on the anniversary of the artist. … Continue reading Inthaar // Warning


Is it “love what you do” or “do what you love”?

  Being proud of your work is not easy, especially in a place like Libya where many work in pursuit of financial stability in a time where everything and anything is all but stable. Which is why I am more than ecstatic to present The Saturday Show in its online form. With teaching, I was … Continue reading Is it “love what you do” or “do what you love”?

The oxymoron that is Libyan Education

Recently I received the news that I have successfully completed my sixth semester at Tripoli University's department of Linguistics, which should be fantastic, I should probably be ecstatic as this puts me a year away from graduation. Except I am not! Such news ought  be accompanied with a small sense of achievement, some sort of … Continue reading The oxymoron that is Libyan Education